Ooberfuse - On My Knees

Worldwide release date - 31 March 17

7,025 drug-related killings and rising ---- since July 2016 --- roughly an average of 34 per day

In the poorest neighbourhoods of the Philippines, police officers on operation and unknown armed persons on motorcycles regularly target people with an alleged connection to drugs. Family members visit morgues to identify their loved one amongst the many other bodies that arrive each night riddled with bullet holes. The sight of bodies on the street has become commonplace; the fear of being or knowing the next victim, pervasive.

- Amnesty International


Jocelyn Reyes, daughter of Johnny Reyes collects what is left from her father's belongings on the midnight of 19 January 2017 in Hermosa, Tondo before the body was brought to the morgue for further investigation. Her father who was a murder victim of unknown reason was also a drug user according to his wife.

- Photo credit: John Micah Sebastian

The body of Aldrin De Guzman lies on the street after being shot to death by three unidentified riding-in-tandem suspects at Napico, Pasig on 31 January 2017. According to his mother, Elisa De Guzman, his son never had a record of being involved in illegal drugs at their barangay.

- Photo credit: John Micah Sebastian

"The sight of bodies on the street has become commonplace..."

- Amnesty International

"Rare moment of candor guys, because I’m frustrated with all of you. I don't like talking about my shitty childhood on social media cos y'know, moving on and stuff. But if there's anyone who abhors drugs and has been personally victimised by addicts, that would be me because my dad was an addict, and so was my aunt, cousins, etc. Did an addict steal from you? Welcome to the club. Has an addict beaten you up? Hello friend. But the war on drugs DOES NOT WORK. It just doesn't. Addicts are people. Human beings - not the best people in the world but they are PEOPLE with FAMILIES and CHILDREN. When you casually kill an addict you are potentially destroying the lives of everyone around and connected to them. You sow anger and rage and bitterness. Violence begets violence. No one is saved. There are no happy endings. With the way things are going, if I was a little girl during all of this shit going down, I’d most likely be dead in a buy-bust because my dad used to bring me to wherever he had a shabu (meth) session. Or maybe I’d be facing criminal charges because when I was 9 years old*, I would pass a packet of meth, etc. to and fro, between my dad and aunt when they were doing drugs. So what, did that make me a drug runner? An accessory? A criminal? So human rights wouldn’t apply to me because I was a bad person? Why did I listen to my junkie dad, anyway? I’m just collateral damage, sorry? I’m just another dead body, too bad? You all judge so quickly. When you cry out for blood just remember that the blood of the innocent fucking cries back - and THAT'S what God listens to."

- Name withheld, daughter of ex-drug addict living in Manila

*Comment is in reference to the plan of Philippine lawmakers to lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility (MACR) to 9 years old.